Catering F.A.Q.

What types of food do we serve?

Chinese food, thai food & sushi


Types of events do chin-chin cater

We cater to all types of event from small to big. Etc. corporate conferences, parties, office meeting, home gathering


Do you deliver catering order?



Is set-up included with delivery?

Yes, with purchase of the warmer set. Warmer set include (water pan, wire rack & sterno). If your event is more than 1 hour long, a warmer set is recommended. It can keep the food hot for approximately 2 hours.


How far in advance should I place my catering order?

You can place the order on the same day. For a large group, 3-5 business days is recommended.


How can I place my order?

Email: Keshawn (catering coordinator)

Phone: 703-858-0515

Order online at


Do I need to supply my own plates, forks, and napkins when I order catering?

No, we will supply serving utensils, plates, plastic wares & napkins.


Do we provide full-service catering?

Yes, a minimum amount of $1500. Please call Keshawn (catering coordinator) 703-858-0515 for more details.


Does Chin-Chin provide private chefs to home

Yes, minimum amount of $1500. Please call Keshawn (catering coordinator) 703-858-0515 for more details.


Can I modify an order after the order being placed?

Yes, you can modify it up until 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up or delivery.


Who do I reach out to question with my catering?

You can reach Keshawn (catering coordinator) 703-858-0515


Can my organization place a tax-exempt catering order?



Does Chin-Chin offer beverages for catering?

We offer assorted individual sodas & bottled waters.


Does Chin-Chin offer dessert for catering

We offer Chinese donuts (serves 15).


Methods of payment

Company check, cash, & credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)

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